Bozeman Montana Real Estate – Investing
Whether you are an investor looking to invest with $50,000 or $1 Million dollars, we have the experience and advanced technology to help you locate and acquire potential investment properties. Call us today.

Bozeman Montana Real Estate market trends from 2008 to 2010 saw an overall decline in property value. This event, while challenging to most sellers who bought at the top of the market has now made it one of the most affordable towns to buy and invest in for immediate cash flow properties.

Bozeman Montana Homes You May Consider for Return On Investment(ROI):

Taking advantage of the technology available today, investors can check area rental price and determine if a property will generate an income. Property images, virtual tours, home inspections and confidence in your Bozeman Montana Real agent allows investors to buy sight unseen and own a piece of Bozeman and The Big Sky Country without having to travel.

Foreign Investors
Foreign investors have found the weakening US dollar an advantage to now own a second home or invest in American real estate. We have a team of buyers agents that can assist investors who may wish to buy site unseen.
With the ease of sending pictures, virtual home tours, inspections and documentation by email to prospective real estate investors, previous buyers are acquiring Bozeman homes for sale sight unseen and renting them out.

Canadian Loans:
a. Second Home Purchase Only –SFR– 65% LTV – Minimum loan amount $50,000
b. Canadian Credit Report with 680 minimum score (call to find out how much your Credit Bureau Company charges for Canadian—all of them charge differently—and Canadians only have a Beacon Score)
c. Full Income and Asset Documentation (converted to US Dollars)
Self Employed – 2 years taxes and current P & L and Balance Sheet
Salaried – 2 years T-4’s (like our W-2) and 2 months paystubs
2 months of all Bank & Investment Statements The copies of bank statements must have the bank logo and client’s name and account # (some online bank statements don’t have this). If statements are quarterly, then we need 2 quarters.
d. Second Home Rate + .25% (today 5.375% up to $500,000)
e. 1% loan fee to Washington Federal
f. EZ Pay required (automatic deduct of mortgage payment from US Dollar bank account)
g. Copy of Passport and Drivers License. Loan application must be in name on the Passport.
h. No gifted funds.